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Utopia Healing Center

Utopia Healing Center is a trusted holistic and integrative health and wellness clinic that specializes in providing patients with natural, effective therapies for chronic illnesses, weight loss/weight management, infertility and premature aging. Located in the convenient metropolitan area of Northern New Jersey, in the town of Wayne, Utopia Healing Center offers a refreshing oasis for patients to regain and sustain optimal wellness.
Our team of qualified health professionals, including Board-Certified Physician, Dena Lacara, DO, and Founder, Maryam O’Connor RPh use science-based integrative therapies, and recommend preventive nutritional protocols to assist patients in regaining and sustaining optimal health.

Experience the difference of our safe, effective, affordable complementary therapies include: Colon hydrotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Raw Foods and Juicing, Personalized Nutrition and IV Nutritional Therapies!

Utopia Healing Center offers compassionate, professional, and effective health care. We welcome you to our Center and are happy to answer your questions.  Together, we can help you achieve optimal health and improve your quality of life.

Meet Our Experienced Practitioners

Maryam Moshiri O’Connor
Maryam Moshiri O’ConnorRph Founder, Clinical Director
Maryam has a passion for helping people live healthier lifestyles through healthy diets, exercise and stress management.
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Jaime Rivers
Jaime RiversRN, BSN Registered Nurse
Jaime is a graduate of St Peter’s University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
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Karen Lewandowski
Karen LewandowskiRph Registered Pharmacist, Meditative Arts
Incorporating all of the components of health, wellness and healing- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual to her clients.
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Dawn Hailes
Dawn HailesReiki Master
Dawn studied under Eleanor Motichka and Maria Ortega Murphy. Her lineage is connected to Kathleen Ann Milner.
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